Thursday, August 23, 2007

Using VCL.NET with ECO IV in CodeGear RAD Studio 

As part of the Highlander Beta Blogging initiative, I have been given permission from CodeGear to demonstrate features and functionality of the up and coming CodeGear RAD Studio product.

As CodeGear are also currently running a video competition, I thought I'd use this unfair advantage to enter :-)

The following two videos (they were one, but had to be split in order to comply with YouTubes 10 minute limit) demonstrate a simple Master Detail application created in ECO using VCL.NET as the presentation framework. In the first video, the data is persisted to an XML file.

The second video extends upon this to change the persistence to write the data in a BlackfishSQL database.

I strongly encourage all readers/viewers to favour these videos. I can't guarantee any fame or fortune to come your way, but I will be sure to have a beer in your honour. Heck, if you ever get over to New Zealand, I may even be convinced to shout you one. :-)

UPDATE: I have uploaded the original video to CodeGear Developer Network. I would recommend watching this one rather than the two I submitted to YouTube. The content is the same, but there is no loss in resolution. Feel free to still vote for my YouTube submissions though. :-)

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Being an ECO addict I will be certainly voting for you (only if you write some good ECO articles & publish them:)
Thanks Venkatesh. I guess I owe you a beer then :-)
This is great info to know.
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