Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Everybodys Free (to write software) 

I've decided to take the challenge issued by Steve Trefethan, and have extended his excellent list with my take:

My favorite is that last one! :)
> My favorite is that last one! :)

I nearly omitted that one, as I suspect I may have trouble following my own advice :-)
That's just too funny!
> That's just too funny!

Perhaps, but non-tech also serves a very important practical purpose. After all, how else would we know that Delphi is dead, considering all the overwhelming evidence elsewhere indicating the contrary. ;-)
Non-tech without the chicken-littles ... imagine the possibilities. OTOH, having the gaggle clustered leaves the rest of the discussion groups to stay [pretty much] on topic.

Great list Dave, looking forward to the articles you write on each of them. Specifically, "write and leverage effective unit tests".

Only one I'd like to see added:
Nag Steve [frequently] to post to his Delphi blog. This one could easily be made into a group effort.
Don't bother with "Write an article and submit it to Codegear Developer Network"...

I have an article submitted in January (yes, that's HALF of one year ago!), and it still has not been reviewed so it's just a waste of time to do that one!
> looking forward to the articles
> you write on each of them

Here's a start:

- Populate your user interface from the database without using TDataSet/TDataSource
- Write a Delphi for .NET application
- Write an ECO application
- Learn another language

The astute among you may notice a little duplication in the above list, but I'm a big fan of code re-use.

Also, the last article should been viewed as a taster of a different language syntax, rather than a definitive language guide.

I tried to submit an article once, I made a camtasia video - but I was unable to upload it as it kept timing out. So I started my own website. The videos on it at the moment are a bit messy and I am not yet overly proud of them - however they are improving. It's more a matter of finding time to do them.
Last item... still laughing... "Breathe Holger!" ... can't breathe... :-)
>> Write a Delphi for .NET application

I would change that in "Write a Delphi VCL for .NET application"
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