Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tag, you're it! 

Firstly, I should apologise for taking so long to get to this. But better late than never, aye?

Jesper Hogstrom has tagged me, so it is now my turn to try and blog about 5 semi-interesting facts that might not be well known about me. Unfortunately, I've not been in an FA18 while it's pushed through the sound barrier, but I'll do my best to make this interesting.

1. Working as a software developer was not my first career choice. I initially wanted to be a sound audio engineer, spending my days behind a mixing desk creating the next killer album. But because I am partially deaf in my left ear, I had to abandon that dream.

2. I started my career as a bank teller, which was a vocation I did for about 6 years. When working for Westpac in Australia, the call came out for staff who wanted to be trained as computer programmers. The logic was that by doing so, the bank would groom a breed of programmers who also understand the needs of the business. In any case, this was the turning point in my career and helped me to become the Delphi Junkie that I am today.

3. I lived in Singapore for 3 years, between 1977 and 1979. My dad taught at the school for the children of the New Zealand, Australian and British armed forces. His job also saw us living in a little town called Ardrossan in South Australia for a year, and nearly had us living on the island of Niue for a year.

4. While not quite as fast as an FA18,  I have piloted a Cessna once. I was given what I thought was a scenic flight as a Christmas present from my mother-in-law, but once I hopped in the plane, the pilot let me take over the controls for the whole flight. This included performing the take off and landing (with help, of course). I can see that flying would get very addictive very quickly.

5. I am currently in the middle of a 'get fit' phase, which has me going for a morning run 4 days a week. I run about 2.2KM, which may not seem like very far but is still enough of a challenge. I'm thinking about stepping up to 3.9KM real soon now.

Now to pass the mantle on to other Bloggers. I tag Diego BarrosChewy, Richard Vowles and Malcolm Groves

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