Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CodeCentral web service open tool for D2005 

A D2005 version of the CodeCentral web service open tool has been uploaded to CodeCentral. I have also hopefully addressed issues that BDS 2006 Professional users were suffering with missing BPLs. So if you are a BDS Pro user who attempted to use the BDS 2006 version of the open tool, please download it and let me know if you still have problems.

Yes, when i install (components ... packages..... add )in delphi 2006 (profesional) i can obtain a message with problems wit webdsnap100.bpl not found.
You should really use the installer to install the open tool, as it adds an entry to the User PATH variable, so BDS can resolve the location of the bpls. Not sure whether this is the issue here though, so can you please check that webdsnap100.bpl is in the BDS\4.0\CodeCentral AddIn directory?
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