Monday, June 12, 2006

CodeCentral web service is live 

For the uninitiated, CodeCentral is an excellent online repository of source code, demo applications and other valuable programming resources. In additional to the web interface, a web service can now be accessed to search against the CodeCentral repository and download submissions. For all the goss, read the article here.

For now the web service currently provides a read only view of the CodeCentral data, but there are plans for future versions to support rating and commenting of submissions, and allow the adding and editing of submissions.

In conjunction with the web service launch, an open tool for BDS 2006 has also been developed. This allows CodeCentral to be searched without ever having to leave the comfy confines of the IDE.

On startup, it complains that it cannot find webdsnap100.bpl. I have checked my BDS 2006 discs, and this is a file I don't have. What do I do now?
I have the same problem with on startup 'it cannot find webdsnap100.bpl.
I've uploaded a new version which includes this BPL. There may be others that are still missing, as I only have a copy of BDS 2006 Architect. I am liasing with someone who has a copy of BDS 2006 Professional, but feel free to report any further startup issues here.
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