Thursday, June 29, 2006

Are you a Help Vampire? 

While browsing the Borland newsgroups this morning, I was intrigued by a line in Peter Below's signature stating "Don't be a vampire". Following the accompanying link took me to a page which I could definitely relate to. It seems I've worked with one or two Help Vampires (and still do ;-)), and have certainly spotted my fair share on the newsgroups.

It always boggles me why so many people don't Google for solutions before posting to newsgroups or online forums. I personally find that I very rarely come across a problem that hasn't already been solved, with the solution documented somewhere on the Internet. And for those Borland Developer Studio users out there, you can always install my Google Search open tool into the IDE, to make this process a little easier. It was originally written using C#Builder 1, and should hopefully work with all versions of the BDS lDE. Be warned it was my first ever open tool, and not my finest work by any means. But I find it functional enough to be a useful addition to my BDS setup.

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