Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Every little bit counts 

After reading Allen Bauer's excellent blog post which, among other things, highlighted how many developers are blissfully unaware of any non-Microsoft development tools, I've decided to post Delphi code snippets when posting to .NET related newsgroups or mailing lists. I decided to take this for a test run today when replying to a query on a New Zealand .NET mailing list, and am now sitting back waiting for all the "What the..." responses. :-)

This was also prompted by a reply I got to a query on a .NET third party vendor's peer support newsgroups. I was asking about a problem I'd encountered with using a grid control on an inherited WinForm. Amongst other things, a support rep from the vendor said

"Visual Studio has some pretty severe problems with Visual Inheritance
and collection properties ..."

I never stated I was using VS.NET when developing the WinForm app in question. I was.... but that's not the point. ;-)

Let the battle begin...

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