Thursday, September 23, 2004

Why is this such hard work? 

While working with Visual Studio.NET 2003 today, I wanted to change the location of a C# project. Simple, me thinks. I'll just save the .csproj in it's new location. Alas, it seems like VS.NET would be too confused by this, as it told me :-

"The project file can only be saved into the project location '(Existing project Location)'. "

So I Googled the MS newsgroups to find the solution and found this from a member of the Visual Studio Core Team :-

"If you have a solution with project1, project2, and project3 and want to move project3 into a new folder, you can open the solution in the IDE. Remove project3 (right click in solution explorer and chose remove), then in explorer, move all the files to you new location, and then re-add the project to the solution (right click the solution in the solution explorer). If this doesn't work for you, you can always open the .sln file and manually update the relative paths to your projects."

Why does the VS.NET IDE need to be so anal about this?!? Oh well. At least it makes it consistent with it's inflexible project creation logic. For example, try creating a project called c:\Test\SomeProject.csproj. I can't for the life of me figure out how to tell VS.NET that I don't want the project stored in a SomeProject directory! And don't even bother trying to create a new project in the same location as an existing one.

But of course, VS.NET knows my intentions far better than I do, so fighting against the IDE should be par for the course until I repent and admit the errors in my ways. :-(

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