Friday, August 27, 2004

QualityCentral a waste of time? I don't think so! 

I see many people on the Borland newsgroups asking for the best way to inform Borland about bugs. The answer to this question is simple; QualityCentral. It is the only guaranteed way that your bugs and feature requests will be noticed by Borland. Many other posters in the newsgroups claim that QualityCentral is a waste of time. Below are links to three of my bug reports (two for Delphi 8, one for the QualityCentral client), which were fixed in a subsequent patch. I think this disproves the myth that QualityCentral is a waste of time quite nicely.

2630 - Cannot move splitter on Comments Tab
6894 - Code Editor flickers with ClearType enabled on Windows XP
7036 - WinForms CodeDom parser cannot parse class properties

I also see many people criticize the interfaces to QualityCentral (Web and desktop clients), citing them as unusable. I personally have no problems with them, but am currently using a Windows client developed by Jeremy North. While still in alpha, I find it very nice with many useful features.

So you have been warned, people. If you want Borland to fix bugs or implement new features, use QualityCentral. It's as simple as that.

Thanks for the plug!

JED, QC blog available at http://jedqc.blogspot.com
I don't know if a mention on my blog can really be considered a 'plug'. I imagine it's hardly a high traffic zone, although I know I have at least two readers. :-)
Do I count as one of the two? *g*

Make that three. Crikey! At this rate I'm gonna hit double figures by the end of the year! :-)
Great work! I am really impressed.

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