Wednesday, August 18, 2004

More horror code 

Stumbled across this code today when attemting to tidy up the hundreds of hints/warnings in the app I maintain (a rant best left for another blog post). All I can say is yuck with a capital Y :-(

if Bpp=16 then Base:=$FFFF else Base:=-1;
n:=0; b:=fMask mod 10; Inc(n,b); fMask:=fMask div 10;
bMask:=Base shr(Bpp-n); bshr:=8-b; gshl:=b;
b:=fMask mod 10; Inc(n,b); fMask:=fMask div 10;
gMask:=Base shr(Bpp-n)and not bMask; rshl:=n; gshr:=8-b;
b:=fMask mod 10; Inc(n,b); fMask:=fMask div 10;
rMask:=Base shr(Bpp-n)and not(bMask or gMask); rshr:=8-b;

No formatting was lost when posting this code snippet, BTW. It has been accurately presented in all its...ahem...glory.

Be sure to look at this article on hints/warnings. :-) Oh, and you have my sympathies...

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