Saturday, July 17, 2004

True Story from the Trenches 

This true story of the power of D8 was posted on the Borland newsgroups by Kyle Miller.

"The company I am with has 10 years of Delphi code. About a year or so ago, the company hired a C# whiz to write an ASP.NET application based on the current suite of products. He has been developing and testing using a hard coded user name and password to the DB. So he finally had to integrate existing code to fetch and decrypt the user name and password. The problem for him was decrypting the information. He and another C# guy spent a day each trying to re-code existing code into C#. They couldn't get their code to work.

When I heard about this, I said I could create an assembly in Delphi 8 for him to use. In less than 10 minutes, I created my first assembly, compiled in the appropriate units, and sent the DLL on its way. He added the reference to his C# project and was able to use decrypt on the first try.

Yea, it was a VCL.NET assembly, so he had to register two Borland assemblies, but that's no different than how existing applications are deployed, DLLs for reports, add-on modules, etc.

That was the first time I put Delphi 8 to real world use, and it went well. :-)"

Way to go Kyle and Delphi!

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