Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Dumb Newsgroup Questions

As I foray deeper into the wonderful world of C# and the .NET Framework, I find myself hanging out in the Microsoft newsgroups more and more. Now is it just me, or is the standard of questions asked there generally lower? Here are a couple I encountered today :-

When I click on any of the Toolbar Buttons, application is terminating after executing the code in toolbar buttons. Can anyone tell me why is this happening and help me to solve this?


Any could help my find how to create the code for the following algorythm:

In1: 10000000
In2: 00000000000

the algorythm runs and this is the output:


However, I did like the response to this one...

int i, j, k;
for(i=0; i for(k=0; j if(i Thread.Sleep(j);

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