Friday, March 12, 2004

C# Naming Standards 

As the C# pioneer at our Company, I've taken it upon myself to decide upon some C# coding standards. These are largely based on the
Microsoft design guidelines, but have been changed to make them (IMHO) friendlier to other .NET languages (e.g. Delphi).

As a result, I've tentatively decided on the following naming standards (I've only stated the ones that differ from the MS recommendations):-

Class instance members
Using camel casing prefixed by m (e.g. mSomeValue)

Method arguments
Using camel casing prefixed by a (e.g. aSomeValue)

Property names
Do not expose a property with the same name as its underlying type. This goes directly against what Microsoft recommends, but makes it easier for compilers that don't employ 'try, try again' scope resolution.

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